Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FINALLY! The Paypal Donation Button. :)

Hello everyone!

         This is Rachel Heffington. :)



I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the verbal and financial support as well as your prayers as we get ready to go on this trip. The fundraising has been slow to get going, but it is moving a bit and I want to thank all of you so so much for supporting us! You can read more about me and the rest of the team on The Team Page, so I won't go into overmuch detail right here. I do want to let you know, however, that I feel strongly this is a thing God has called our church to and so I am serious about our commitment to go. You can help out with that in many ways, but the top practical way right now is through monetary donations. I know times are tight, but seriously every little bit counts, and you can donate anything from 1- 100 dollars or beyond if you feel so led. :)

We finally got the Paypal donation button up on the side (sorry it took me so long to do that. It was kinda my jurisdiction.) so now it will be really easy to get everything together! And for those of you who follow my personal blog or the one I share with Sarah, there are Paypal buttons linking to this project on those sidebars as well! Choices, choices! 

We would love it if you'd spread the word about this trip on your own blogs or Facebook or to your friends and family in an email--any way to get the word out about our trip to Romania. We've had some hands-on fundraising ideas I look forward to sharing with you as the thing gets rolling. Not much time now, is there? We'll be finalizing dates soon and I will update you with that information too. :) 

This past Sunday we said goodbye to Ben, the son of one of the missionary families we are connected with. :) Ben is headed out to Romania to visit and work with his family for two months, then back into the States to join up with the military. We hope to be able to see him again over there if the timing works out right.  Ben's family sent us pictures of their work in Romania and I stuck all of those over on the Destination page

Romania looks beautiful, the people look beautiful, and I cannot wait to buy the plane tickets and set foot on that ground. 

At risk of sounding like and infomercial, I'll just say it once more: You can help us get to that land, those people by making a tax-deductible donation on the sidebar, or by sending a check to:

Resort Family Ministries Inc.
20305 Garrison Dr.
Windsor, VA 23487

Thank you so much for your help and encouragement in every way, and we'll check back in soon!
         In Him,
                  Rachel Heffington

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