The Team

Rachel Heffington
A homeschool graduate, an author, and a lover of books, singing, long country walks, and laughter. She felt the Lord calling her to go to Romania when a Romanian pastor came to visit her church. She is passionate about the love of Christ transcending all language and culture barriers, and was so blessed and encouraged by the pastor's sacrifice of time to come to her church every year. She thought what a beautiful thing it would be to be able to do the same for the Romanian Christians, as well as to be able to minister to the lost and needy there. To see for her own eyes what a larger Story is at play here, and how she can be a part of battling for Christ in this world. Rachel is the second oldest of nine kids and spends her days writing, blogging, cooking, cleaning, and having fun with her family and friends at home and abroad. :) She hopes to be able to work with some of the orphans in Romania, as well as the Gypsies. You can read further about her testimony in regards this trip here.

Sarah Heffington
Sarah is a recently graduated home-schooler who has a deep love for music, family, and the Lord. She is the 3rd of 9 kids and lives in the country where she seeks to live her life to the fullest and feel the joy of the Lord in everything she does. Sarah became interested in ministering in Romania and has felt God leading her to serve in the way of missions this year. She is seeking the Lord and praying that this experience will strongly effect her, and open her eyes to the Bigger Picture of God's Kingdom. She finds different languages and cultures very interesting and is looking forward to ministering and serving the Romanian people while on this missions trip. Sarah has always had a delight in children and is hoping to be able to use those talents during her time there, as well. 

Alaina Wright
Alaina is 21 and the oldest of 11 children. She is currently studying Herbs and Nutrition from her home. Alaina attends a home church and loves the Lord with all her heart. She LOVEs music and plays the guitar and piano. She hopes to have a ministry someday to children in other countries. Alaina doesn't want her goal in life to be "waiting", but to be "doing" all that God wants of her. If He can use her in some small way to make a difference, then she wants to be prepared and ready.
Alaina is especially excited about this trip to Romania because of all that the Lord has been preparing her for in the past few years. This short-term trip is only the beginning for her. She hopes and prays that she is able to return for the summer!

Matthew Walker
Matthew is 18 years of age and the oldest of 8 kids. He absolutely loves music, sports, and photography, and wishes to minister to others through his love of these things. Matthew really felt God moving him in the direction of going to Romania more recently when He showed Matthew the extremely small box he lives in during a sermon that our Romanian friend gave... how little Matthew's problems are, how big His world is, how much He loves everyone, and how we are called to spread His name and His love whether in our own house or across the world. Matthew's hope is that God would use this trip to open his eyes to the world around him and allow Matthew to use his talents for His glory! 

Amy Edmonston
 Amy is 19 years old and has one brother with whom she loves to share all of her adventures.  Through the years her family has moved several times, which has kindled in her a love for traveling and change.   Those interests were what first attracted Amy to the idea of going to Romania; but as she talked over this opportunity with family and friends and continued to pray and seek God’s leading, she began to be impressed with a deeper desire to reach out in this way.  Amy has always been passionate about promoting unity among the body of Christ and is very excited about this chance to meet and work alongside fellow Christians in Romania.  She loves music, has been studying piano, and greatly enjoys learning and being exposed to foreign languages.   Being part of a group that is seeking to glorify God through their efforts is a blessing that leaves her anticipating God’s presence and work during this trip.

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